This Privacy Policy covers what information is collected from you (as a viewer or writer) when using HIVE. Our intention is to facilitate a clear policy regarding your privacy.

Information Collected from Writers

Information collected from writers includes references and photo credits that were used as a basis to establish an article- these are supplied by the writer. HIVE does not have any responsibility in the rights regarding content useage that a writer supplies for upload- this is a requisite for a writer to validate.

The literary content of an article, as soon as it is sent via email to HIVE, becomes the exclusive property of yourself and HIVE. HIVE is able to use, format and publish the content in any way it deems acceptable.

Further infomation collected from writers includes full name- which is given consentingly by a writer wishing to contribute to HIVE. If there is any discrepancy regarding naming, please email to rectify any issues.

Information Collected from Viewers

Data collected from viewers consists of cookies, such that the best possible service delivery is achieved in your use of our service. HIVE uses the third party software WordPress- cookies from this source are not covered under HIVE’s privacy policy, but are officiated under WordPress’ own terms and conditions.

Information Storage and Disclosure

HIVE uses third party storage (WordPress) servers to store any contributed articles such that they are viewable on HIVE’s domain.

HIVE will not maliciously sell any data regarding you. We will not share any of your data for advertising or business circumstances. Exceptionary circumstances, such as when a legal body requests data, are exempt from the former statement.

Changes to Terms and Conditions

HIVE may update this Privacy Policy in the future- which will be signified by an statement of update on the home page